Jan 2017 22

Hello racers!
Hope everyone is keeping dry.
Finalizing the logistics of the the event this weekend.

Although we are not providing tables and chairs, the track is located by the side entrance doors so unloading/loading will not be an issue.

Power is provided but is limited. THis means, soldering irons and high amp charging will be limited. We ask for everyone’s cooperation for this. We are doing this as an exhibition race for the show so lets show them how fun rc racing is!

Make sure you get your entries in by Monday night, 10pm PST so i can get you a pass for the weekend at the show.

The Carpet we are using is CRC from the IIC of 2014/15? So rest assured, it is in very good condition.

The goal is to provide rc car awareness to the main stream media in hopes to bring new blood to our hobby.

I hope to see all of you there! It seems to be a great time that is brewing.
Please ask or pm me for any questions.
LA Classic Rc car show Event

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